CheMagic Demonstration Videos from the Presentation "Is It Chemistry or Magic?"
Acetylene Explosion: Getting Audience Attention
Magic Bottle: Keeping the Focus on Magic
Magic Indicator: Explaining Facts Behind the Magic
Fickle Trickle: Alt Keeping the Focus on Magic
Goldenrod Paper: Using Facts to Talk about ACS
Genie in the Bottle: A Magic Trick Explained before Demo
Landolt Reaction: The Magic IS the Chemistry
Oscillating Reaction: An ALT the Magic IS the Chemistry
Dribble Cup: Fun & Practical Chemistry 1
Alchemy: Chemistry History Interlude 1
Combustion: Chemistry Planet Earth Part 1
Acidic Oxide: Chemistry Planet Earth Part 2
Basic Oxide: Chemistry Planet Earth Part 3
Carbon Dioxide: Chemistry Planet Earth Part 4
Luminol: Entertaining and Useful
Colloids: Explaining our Magic 1
Ammonia Fountain: Explaining our Magic 2
Electrolysis: Explaining our Magic 3
Boyles Law: Chemistry History Interlude 2
Disappearing Water: Fun & Practical Chemistry 2
Box Rection: Reaction Mechanisms - An Analogy
Videos are indexed in presentation order. Click video images below to view videos and our pedagogic notes.