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Although we only occasionally post to our CheMagic FaceBook page, the post archive of this FaceBook page may be of interest to users. Each post is a short story about a molecule or chemistry demo. The posts also link to demo videos and model kit activities. Clicking the blue bars below will show/hide specific FaceBook post links.

Fickle Trickle
A Simple Acid/Base Demo
The Magic Bottle
An Acid/Base Indicator Demo
Acetylene Explosion
The Explosion of C2H2 Generated from CaC2
Combustion in Pure Oxygen
Generation of Oxygen from 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
Light Scattering (I)
Effect of Wavelength
Light Scattering (II)
Prussian Blue
Carbon Dioxide
A Household Chemistry Challenge
Genie in a Bottle
Decomposition of Hydrogen 30% Peroxide
Goldenrod Dye
An Acid-Base Indicator
Climate Science 1
Acidic Oxides
Climate Science 2
Basic Oxides
The CheMagic Road Show
Keeping It Simple
Dribble Cup
A Fun and Simple Demo
Outreach Philosophy
Our View: Fun and Professional Dignity
Clock Reaction
Don't Look Away
Scientific Method
How Science is Done
Oscillating Clock Reaction
Searching for Equilibrium
Burning Sulfur
Does it form SO3
Alyea's Ammonia Fountain
From "Tested Demonstrations"
Sympathy for the Alchemist
All that glitters is not gold
Simple Demos
Tell a Story
Oil of Wintergreen
The Nose Knows
Penny Experiment
Dissolve the Cu in a Penny
Fun With Food Dyes I
Effect of Bleach
Fun With Food Dyes II
Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide

The Little Molecule That Was Never Made
The Molecule That Changed Our Ways
Limonene & Carvone
Industrial Chemistry in a College Lab
Gibbs Free Energy & a Chemist's Sorry Pun
Interconversion of Resonance Structures
SMILES: A Molecule Named BOB
A Tale of a Forgotten Molecule
Platonic Molecule Number One
Member Model Kit Posting
A How To Model Kit Action List Post
Platonic Molecule Number Two
Platonic Molecule Number Three
A Molecule That Changed Its Ways
Part of Synthetic Prodrug History
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
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Save/Load a Complex Jmol Stage Script
The Tale of a Toxic Prodrug
A Molecule Named for A Little Girl
Atoms and Bonds
Disconnected Structures & Branches
Canonical SMILES
Model Kit Action List: Acrylonitrile
Based on Chicago ACS Post - 12/26/19
Model Kit Action List: Dodecaphenyltetracene
Based on ACS Molecules of the Year 2019
Model Kit Action List: Menthol
Based on Chicago ACS Post - 12/28/19
Model Kit Action List: Chocolate
Based on Chicago ACS Post - 12/29/19

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