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User X/Y data entered in the Data Table is displayed as a Google Charts line graph by clicking the Plot Data link. Table data can be erased by clicking the Erase Data link. The X/Y data input must be decimal (e.g. 1.25) or scientific (e.g. 2e4). The text boxes below can be used to insert the X/Y axes names and a graph page title. Data in the table can be converted to a coded text string for copy/paste reloading into the table. We have 25 X/Y points in our data table. The chemistry historian, Carmen Giunta (Le Moyne College), computed P/V points in arbitrary P/V units using the 25 points in Boyle's publication. If 25 was good enough for Boyle, it's good enough for CheMagic! Click this link to Load Boyle's Data. Take a look at the PV graph. Happy X/Y graphing of your own data!

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